Eine chronologische Übersicht aller Episoden, in denen John Constantine einen Auftritt hatte. John Constantine made his first live appearance in the 2005 film Constantine by Keanu Reeves, and in the television series Constantine by Matt Ryan. Daryl and his wife checked the room to prove to him that he was safe, then returned to each other. Suddenly, Marcus had a seizure, and when they all ran out to call the nurse, time stood still, which Constantine was the only one who didn't notice. After informing his friends what they were struggling with, Constantine reassured Hugo that his descendants might be alive, as Lamashtu tends to slowly absorb the vital energy of babies. Instead, unknown to Constantine, Dez decided to make a deal with Neron and bond his soul with the demon in exchange for sparing John's life. Then Renee appeared in the building, whom Chas ordered John to protect, shouting his last words before the explosion, which resulted in Faust being killed and the souls returned to their rightful owners. In 2014, a demon possessed a young girl, Astra Logue, the daughter of a friend of John's and he and his friends, Anne Marie Flynn, Gary Lester, Ritchie Simpson, Judith, and Chas Chandler, attempted to stop it. Meanwhile, the conversation between Zed and John was interrupted by the sudden awakening of a pulled-out corpse, into which Gary Lester had entered, alerting his friend to a designated reward for his head. It was difficult for him, and after a while Manny showed up. The exorcist knew that something was up, so he ordered his friends to flee, promising to call back soon. Meanwhile, on his porch, Zachary was arguing with Sarah, who was still against using a feather. John recognized the Invunche sketches, powerful evil beings that had died out long ago. When the men saw Anne Marie, they were surprised that she became a nun. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Constantine unleashes the power of Pazuzu on Lamashtu. They made their way quickly to the scene where Constantine noticed they were being watched. When the exorcist found out that her friend's father was her leader, he understood her fears, promising protection as strong as his abilities would allow. Later that night John decided to investigate the case alone and went to the cemetery described by Lily. Thus, the woman obtained the address to which they immediately went. Emmett J. Scanlan as Jim Corrigan 5. Remembering his promise to his friend, Jasper Winters, John left the hospital and went to the United States. Because of this act, the apartment began to collapse, which forced Ritchie and John to flee. After the Legends defeat Mallus by deliberately breaking his prison open so that they can confront him directly, Constantine reveals that their actions have unleashed a wave of exorcised demons and other supernatural monsters. Gary explained why he came to Atlanta to stay with Constantine. This angered Daryl, who stunned Constantine. On the way, however, they were forced to break into the museum and divert attention to get the shaman's blade. Meanwhile, Constantine went on his own, although he interacted with Gary, with the two men having an intimate relationship of some sort; although, according to John, by the rules of magic Gary was still considered a virgin.[24]. communications device he found and accused newcomer Oliver Queen of being a spy. Having witnessed the horrors of the world, John is very cynical and seemingly unconcerned with the value of human life, often deflecting his real feelings with sarcastic jokes even towards the possibility of his own death. [31] After recovering Ray's soul with the help of Nora Darhk, John deceives Neron into breaking his own word. Then this one was interrupted, and the mysterious magician was surprised that someone was taking advantage of one of his victims. Natalie uncovers to Constantine that the Loom of Fate is a genuine article and not only a story. Constantine and Papa Midnite burn the corpses of the spirits. Arrowverse; Alternate Versions of John Constantine; Constantine (2014 TV Series) Arrow (2012 TV Series) Legends of Tomorrow (2016 TV Series) Earth-1 (Arrowverse) Earth-Prime (Arrowverse) Legends (Arrowverse) [5][6], John had an older sister, though she eventually abandoned him for unknown reasons. During this time, both Zed and Chas took care of the remaining ghosts. [11], In 2011, Constantine crossed over to Earth-666 and made a deal with Lucifer Morningstar involving his friend Maze. As John returned to the tent, he noticed a man healed by a preacher attacking Zed. So they decided to go home, but the boy started to run away, stunning Daryl. At last Simpson began to understand how Constantine was feeling and what he was hiding.
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